lowrence & mayo

This is more commonly called as short sightedness, which means that those with myopia can only see objects close up and things far away will appear blurred. This condition can be corrected using spectacles, and contact lenses.

Spectacle Options
1. For shortsightedness greater than optical power 3.00 consider Hi Index lenses. These lenses will make your lenses lighter, thinner and more comfortable. Lenses are described by different numbers like 1.49, 1.56, 1.60, 1.67,1.74 etc. As the number goes up the lenses get thinner and lighter.

2. Consider Aspheric lenses for better optics and cosmetic appeal. They are flatter lenses and just like flat screen TV's provide sharper image clarity these lenses do just the same. In addition they make your eyes look natural without altering the magnification.

3. Many high index lenses are aspheric in their design.

Contact Lens Options
1. They are the best choice for those who don't like to wear glasses, or play sport and want wider field of view.

2. Today they are available in a wide range of brands with healthy disposable options to suit your lifestyle.

3. If you want to wear contact lenses that either change or enhance the natural colour of your eyes that is possible too. Infact some powers are also available in the cosmetic option too.