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At Lawrence &Mayo we understand the importance of being socially responsible corporate citizens. Therefore in our effort to reach out to the underprivileged sections of society we chose a cause closely associated with the company’s core vision and mission. Over the past decade Lawrence & Mayo has dedicated its CSR efforts in reaching out to blind children as well as spreading awareness and taking action on increasing corneal donations.

The Art Sight Exhibition

On 14th November 2007, Lawrence & Mayo began its first initiative called ‘ArtSight’ in an effort to encourage talented blind children while providing them a platform and a medium to display their talent and skills. The eventsaw us sponsoring and organizing an exhibition of art created by students from the Pune School and Home for the Blind. 35 of these hand-made worksof art, solely created by the students were auctioned for sale. The entirety of the proceeds of this sale was allocated towards the development of the blind children. 85% of the proceeds were given to each student artist with investment advice enabling them get long term returns from the money, while the balance 15% was given to the School to further develop and nurture this latent talent.

roshni zindagi mein

This unique initiative deeply impacted everyone involved and achieved its objective of not only supporting and motivating the students of the blind school but also sensitizing others towards the subject. We were so overwhelmed by the positive responsereceived for this initiative that weshowcased the student’s artwork in our Annual Calendar for 2008.

Lawrence & Mayo also takes active interest in increasing awareness for corneal donations. There are various taboos in Indian society,which have formed barriers in increasing acceptance towards corneal donations. Over the years Lawrence & Mayo has spread awareness and helped people understand that pledging their eyes can help restore another’s sight.

As recently as 2012, Lawrence & Mayo partnered with corneal donation activist ViraagWankhede to spread the message. “RoshniZindagi Mein” came to light in 2012 in an effort to increase awareness for eye donation in rural India. Areas in the interiors of Maharashtra were targeted to spread awareness about this cause. More than 100 additional corneal pairs were donated due to the efforts of Mr. Wankhede; his team and the staff of Lawrence & Mayo.

Today, the company continues to find different avenues and areas where it can effectively reach out and change lives of the underprivileged for a better tomorrow.